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VFX/CG animation tips

VFX goes beyond movies and TV. There are videos, video games/motion-supported images with many other visual media.

What skills should architectural 3D animation users have to create stellarl CG animation products for clients?

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January 30, 2023

News from VFX + CG

With their help, you can turn a set of shots into an incredible world and add color to boring scenes. Overlaying effects is a post-production stage. Make your commercial brighter and more attractive to viewers with visual effects! A VFX supervisor must be present on the set during filming.


Visual effects can replace expensive decorations or rent of large premises. If the director wants to shoot a romantic scene on New York Street, he can't do this.


With li3d modeling, you can do much more than usual! It is difficult to make an ordinary cat talk, let alone walk in the right direction. Make a real character make some action that is not typical for him by using a visual effect!

If your goal is to show a fantastic world

"Cleaning" the video is a necessary video effect editing after the shooting.

The main stages of working with video

Sometimes enhance the atmosphere of the place. For example, the land of volcanoes does not do without sparks and streams of exploding lava, and the picturesque area with plants - without falling leaves and waterfalls.


Now about the UI. The interface is an integral part of any game. Need effects here too! Some oversee usability and game mechanics others deal with design and style.

Analysis of the script

Make your commercial brighter and more attractive to viewers with visual effects! If you want to shoot the very moment of the shot, realistic muppets simulate the movement of the bolt believably.


Step-by-step recipe for making artificial blood:


Dilute the starch in cold water. A resulting mixture by stirring boiling water - so it will thicken. In addition to 3D modeling, Cinema 4D allows users to create animations, perform rendering or texturing tasks, and offers an extensive library of the object, scene, and material preset. It is not possible to buy Cinema 4D online, as you must contact a licensed distributor to purchase the program.


In addition to 3D modeling, Blender offers its users many other features, including rendering, rigging, sculpting, video editing, compositing, and much more. 3D artists can use the program's rich library of modifiers to apply non-destructive operations to the objects they create. Blender UV Unwrapping features include drawing directly into the Mesh, cube, cylinder, sphere, and camera projections and exporting UV image layouts. The software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.


Pour in a few spoonfuls of red dye. Need the blood to come through or flow? Get by with a regular small bag! If you need it to squirt, the bag needs to stretch - it can be a balloon, a medical glove, or a condom.


CGI animated footage

CGI is a set of rules that allow a web server to find a common language with any other program. Photorealistic 123d design should be indistinguishable from the photo. Below you see an example of photorealistic 3d rendering interior visualization.


Working in the field of CGI is a great idea!


Engage your senses


If you want to concentrate more, try to involve all your features in your house design work. If you are sitting in a meeting, try taking notes on what you hear and see.


Mnemonics use visual images to retrieve information. If you find it difficult to concentrate on different facts, using mnemonics can help. Study yourself and your attention. If this is about you - consume your favorite drink in moderation/caffeine addiction will pass by. According to how you work, make a schedule, and simplify the work of your body and mind. Lifehack: If you find it difficult to concentrate on work, turn off all distractions. Some applications will help and do it for you.


Animation creates the illusion of movement. In popular culture, it's a cartoon. The example of Brazen animation studio comes to mind. Now, this studio cooperates with Epic Games and creates its cartoons.


Creating a high-quality walking or running cycle will take more than one or even two hours of work. Work them out in more detail, make them more diverse, and the character, thereby, unique.

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