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What Is Photorealistic Rendering: Benefits, Process, and Tips

3d rendering is a type of realistic graphics that uses an engine to create stunning images with proper lighting, shadows, angles, etc.

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June 5, 2023


How Can Photo Realistic 3D Rendering Help Your Renovations?

3D rendering is like recreating real life in a movie, combining the script, scenery, lighting, main characters, additional material, etc. Using a 3D rendering or animation can be very helpful for internal technical staff to see if the choices made are the right ones or if certain aspects need to be tampered with for verification before proceeding to prototype production.

Improves Marketing

3D modeling is the best way to promote and sell industrial products, as marketers can use it to create promotional campaigns that allow customers to learn more about products and make informed decisions.

Increasing Your Online Presence

With a portfolio of 3D projects, you must start communicating with potential customers through multiple channels.


Who Are Photorealistic Renderings For?

Who is suitable for photorealistic renderings? We find achieving photorealism particularly useful in the following cases: Helping developers and real estate agents sell their projects. There are several ways to differentiate your property marketing strategy, and photorealistic rendering is one of them.


Photorealistic renderings allow developers to get an emotional connection to a property before building. But average quality images may not produce the best results. You need to maximize image quality.


Imagine a panel of judges looking at many design panels. Which one do you think would be of immediate interest? In this case, it is enough to build a basic 3D model and put some cameras on it to make the decision easier with BIM software such as Archicad, Revit, or Vectorworks.


We can see in real-time what our space looks like in 3D while we draw in 2D.

Realistic Renderings to Grow Your Architectural Business

Ask yourself, how many of the projects of an architectural competition not include in your portfolio or the projects section of your site? Would you include those projects if you had compelling images of them?


An exceptional portfolio will help you to beat your competition.

Break Down Barriers

When the review board comes back with changes, not only quickly update the design to reflect the changes. You can also present that information to them as accurately as possible with 3D renderings.


The photorealistic design will automatically create what they are looking for, and you can immediately update it to meet their needs.

Create an Emotional Impact

After all, ordering 3D renderings is a result: you want your potential clients to look at the images and say: Wow! I want to live in this cottage! This house is a future suite!


Each object should have all the defects in real life: scratches, reflections, rust, slightly uneven bathroom tile joints, shadows on furniture, etc.

Precise Lighting and Ambiance

Designers can choose decorations for different weather conditions: a sunny afternoon, a frosty winter morning, a cloudy fall day, etc. 


Realistic composition distinguishes 3D rendering:


• Meticulously crafted details, sometimes invisible.

• Beautiful composition, where each object tells a story precisely to convey the emotion the designer wanted to evoke in the viewer.

• Accurately conveyed lighting and atmosphere, the absence of which makes the image flat, soft, and not photorealistic.


To achieve such a result, we need at least three items:


• Professional designers.

• A sufficient budget.

• A lot of time.


In this case, the visualization is indistinguishable from a photograph.

What’s Next?

Every work you create is part of your portfolio. With the benefits of the Internet and the ability to work virtually, there should be no restrictions on where you want to put your portfolio.


An architect does these projects from the comfort of any studio he wants to work in. Expand your reach exponentially with 3D rendering software to publish your designs to online portfolios. Each 3d design will attract traffic to your business and allow you to take on larger, more sophisticated projects.

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